Pick a Card and Win!

Pick a Card – You Could Win A Month of Free Training!

Help us get the word out about how much you love MKG Madison. We want more people like you at the gym!

You can help by playing this game and you could also win!

For the Month of June, we will be playing a card game at the end of Tuesday and Thursday Phase 1 classes.

This game is totally optional, but could be totally worth it! Like FREE TRAINING, WORTH IT!

Here are the Rules:

  1. Pick a card. (If there is a tie, both people win!)
  2. The highest card wins! (If there is a tie, both people win!)
  3. The winner will pick an additional card.
  4. The number/face on the card has corresponding Social Media action. (These are fun and interesting things to post that will let your friends know that you love MKG Madison!)
  5. If posting on social media is not your thing, then you can Roll the Dice and do a random work out instead!

How to win:

  • If you chose the social media post route you will earn Two (2) entries into the raffle.
    • To confirm your post
      • Check-In at MKG Madison (or the equivalent on IG)
      • Add this link https://www.mkgmadison.com/
      • And us this Hashtag #WhyWeMKG
  • If you chose the workout you earn One (1) entry in the raffle.
    • We will post the video on your behalf

There is no pressure. If you decide that you do not want to do either action, you can ask for a volunteer to take your place.

At the end of the month, we will choose an entry at random. That entry will WIN A FREE MONTH OF TRAINING AT MKG MADISON.

Earn bonus entries

Read Carefully Updated Rules

Hit The Hat Trick!

If you didn’t pick the highest card, you can still increase your odds of winning.

  • Comment, Like and Share the winner’s post and you will earn an extra entry!

Here is a hint, type #whywemkg in the Facebook or Instagram search bar and you will find the winner’s posts a lot faster. You can go back and Hit The Hat Trick at any time! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Nick or Josh. They will be happy to clarify.

The Possibilities:

  • Ace 
    • Bruce Lee Face – Post a picture you doing a Bruce Lee Face.
  • 2 
    • 2 for you – Post the free week trial, and tag 2 friends that might enjoy.
  • 3 
    • 3 for me – Take a selfie and post a reason/testimony of why you come to MKG.
  • 4 
    • Chuck Norris – Post a Chuck Norris meme.
  • 5
    • GIF your night – Post a GIF that relates to your night @mkg, with a sentence giving context.
  • 6
    • Animal Pics – Post an animal pic, and reference something about Martial Arts. ****Example***** A picture of a horse “My partner was kicking like a horse today @mkg.
  • 7
    • Ninja Heaven – If there was ninja heaven (finish the sentence). ****Example***** “if there was ninja heaven all doors would be opened using nunchucks.
  • 8
    • Save the date – Post a reminder to save the date for the FREE Intro to Martial Arts Workshop.
    • It’s Quoting time – Post a martial arts quote or health benefit of martial arts fact.
  • 10
    • A Moment of Zen – Post something that brings you a moment of calm.
  • Jack
    • Bring it Back – Give us a fun fact on the History of Kali.
  • Queen
    • Music Scene – Post a song you want to hear during an MKG Madison workout.
  • King
    • Thank the King – Post a thank you about our Guro Josh Prior.(These are fun and interesting things to post that will let your friends know that you love MKG Madison!)
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