We are proud of the community we are building!


MKG Madison provides fun, practical, and accessible martial arts training that empowers our students with skills to improve physical health, mental health, and personal safety.

We strive to share hope through the martial arts and all of its benefits to as many people as possible, one person at a time.

Check out what our students have to say! 

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“Josh’s teaching style is very accessible. I look forward to the workout I get in his classes and the sense of satisfaction when I work through a technique and my brain gets it.”
- Katie, MKG student since 2021
“Sometimes the best way to end a day is by learning something new, forcing your body to do something outside your comfort zone, and hit some pads. I really love it when something new clicks, and you go from the awkward feelings of the unfamiliar to the fluidity of a well-choreographed move.”
- Joe, MKG student since 2012
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“MKG is a comfortable, safe space where I know I can leave all the stress of my work week behind... Members of the MKG community are amazing at helping new members out, and everyone is always there when you need help or clarification on something.”
- Tony Roman, MKG student since 2021
“The instructors are amazing... The way Josh presents the art makes it so easy to fall in love and get hooked... I appreciate the non-competitive aspect of the gym. We challenge each other but in a healthy and supportive way.”
- Michelle, MKG student since 2021
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We Encourage Everyone To Take These 3 Easy Steps!

Visit us! We will take you on a tour of our facility. During that time you can ask our staff any questions that you may have. After the tour, you are welcome to watch a class so that you can see the program in action! Click the link above to schedule your first visit to MKG Madison!