Failure . . . Don’t Be Afraid of Failure. It is necessary for success.

Failure . . . Don’t Be Afraid of Failure.  It is necessary for success.


This Week, I saw a short video from Will Smith (yes, the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire). It really made me think about how I approach failure.

I will share the video and then share my thoughts . . .

I find myself struggling with the idea of failing. Focusing on the idea of not reaching my goal has been self defeating. It has caused me many times, to not even try something for fear of failing. In essence realizing that failure, without even giving myself an opportunity to succeed.

This video reminded me that failing is just one outcome of attempting to succeed. Success it self can be debated in how it is measured. I think that one way success could be measured is on how many times you try, and not how many times you fail. It is the old saying, “It’s not how many times you fall, but how many times that you get up that counts”. It can go even beyond that, “It’s not how many times you fail but how many times you start that counts”.

So, (if for nothing else) this post is for me. I needed this reminder. I hope, that maybe it could help you also. Don’t be afraid to try something that is out of your comfort zone in fear of failure. Embrace the reality that failure is just one step on the road to success.