MKG Madison COVID Update – May 20th

Lifting of restrictions in Madison – June 2nd

So as many of you may have heard, the CDC has made a big statement last week. CDC director Rochelle Walensky stated that according to their findings fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks under most circumstances.( ). For some, this was a huge sigh of relief. For others, this is causing some anxiety and fear. As we would expect there are many feelings around all of it. 

As we have been accustomed to seeing, Public Health Madison and Dane County update their recommendations and guidelines when the CDC does. So as of June 2nd, PHMDC will lift all previous emergency orders, guidelines, and restrictions set by local authorities. ( Now those restrictions and guidelines will be set by each organization, business, or entity. 

 As I have talked to our students I have heard many different feelings and emotions, mostly nervousness. This ranges from both nervous excitement and nervous caution. Personally, I feel both of them.

Let's think outwardly first.

Before we get too far, I just want to say that everyone has had vastly different experiences throughout the pandemic. Those experiences have shaped how each one of us will respond to the lifting of restrictions. Some have lost people due to the virus. Some have actually experienced the virus firsthand. For some, the isolation was a welcome rest from social interaction. And so many experiences in between. Above all, we need to start with love and understanding. Give everyone room to work through “Re-Entry” in their own way. Not just here at the gym but everywhere you go. 

How is this going to affect MKG Madison?

Well, I am still not totally sure. From the beginning, we have done our best to follow all local guidelines. Since all guidelines are being lifted by the local authorities, those responsibilities fall solely on us. As we have done before, and throughout the pandemic, will do everything we can to keep you safe and moving.  There are a few things I can say for certain, as we move forward:

    • We are going to continue to communicate with you guys, our MKG Family.
    • We will be moving forward. Slowly. So, prepare for some small changes as June 2nd approaches.
    • Whether it is required or not, you will always be welcome to wear your mask. I always encourage personal responsibility for your own safety. So, if you feel safer wearing a mask, whether that is a physical or emotional safety, you are free to put it on. 
    • With that said, there will not be any shaming or ridiculing tolerated to anyone’s personal decisions in this regard at my gym. You will not be forced or encouraged to train with anyone you don’t feel comfortable training with. 
    • Your personal information is private. MKG Madison will not require our students to divulge any personal health information. If you would like to share that information with your fellow students, that will be the decision of the individual.
    • Some Zoom classes will still be available, for the time being, even as things change. The schedule may change a bit as we adjust with our MKG International online schedule. We know that these changes may cause some to return to in-person training and may cause others to go back to online training for a bit as we sort everything out. 

Love Each Other Through This!

To finish this up, I just want to say that this is what we have all been longing for, getting back to “normal”. For some, it’s about time. For others, it seems too soon. We have had our trust in those on the frontlines, gathering and analyzing all the information. Now, they are saying, for those that are fully vaccinated, it’s time. That doesn’t mean we are all ready. Continue to give each other the space, the time, the understanding, and the love that we will all need as we begin to emerge to this “New, Old World”. Especially within the MKG Family. We have been there for each other throughout the pandemic, let’s not stop now. Let’s be the example of love, caring and understanding. Wear the MKG logo proud and represent us well.