New Fall Schedule for 2018 – Explaination

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As you know every fall we take a look at our schedule and make any needed changes! This year isn’t any different.

Here are some of the note able highlights:

Adults Classes

  • Stick to It and Kickboxing Essentials have been moved to Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:00 pm. These classes are meant to be Foundations classes to prepare adult student for MKG Phase program. Now they are scheduled to reflect that. 
  • Kali Weaponry and Panantukan are now their own 60 min classes, but remain on the same night. 
  • Weekly Friday classes are discontinued. Although, look for monthly special events! 
  • Muay Thai Class has been moved to Wednesday at 7:00 pm. This will follow our grappling class to make a more “sport” oriented evening. 
  • Cool Stuff Saturday class will now be a 60 min class. 
  • AM Classes will be discontinued for the time being.

MKG Youth Program

The MKG Kids program will be having some significant changes. I have been able to talk to a lot of the parents about the changes, but not all. Here are the main points:

Classes will be restructured by belt rank to allow for more focused attention on what that experience level needs.

  • Introductory Class: No Belt /White Belt
  • Beginner Class: Yellow Belt – High Green Belt
  • Intermediate Class: Blue Belt – High Red Belt
  • Advanced Class: Brown Belts and Beyond

The classes will focus on Kali Double Stick concept and Kickboxing methods according to their skill level. Most grappling concepts will be reserved for Advanced Class students.

Classes will be shorted to 45 mins. (Expect No Belt/White Belt and MKG Little they are 30 mins) to make room for the extra class times and make sure that our families will continue to get home at respectable time.

A higher ranking student can request to join any lower ranked class in the role of a  Student Leader. Some of the things that theses students will do:

  1. Help the instructor demonstrate
  2. Set up equipment for drills
  3. Clean up equipment after drills
  4. and assist other students during class

Acceptance will be done on a case by case basis. And will be determined on how well the student displays our 4 tenets (Respect – Control – Confidence – Perseverance) in their own class.

These seeming major changes are being made to better serve our current students needs and to be able to better guide new and incoming students. I know that some of these changes may be hard to understand, So I have made a video to explain it. Click Here To Watch It!