This Week at MKG Madison – August 14th

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Sorry for the late newsletter

but . . . CAMP!

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Thank you for all of the input. We have listened and made a few small tweaks to the schedule as a result of your feedback.
 Here is the updated schedule for to you check out.
The new schedule will be active starting Tuesday, September 5th.

Things of note on the new schedule

One of the important changes to notice, is that we have added a 15 min “buffer” any time an Adult class follows a Kids Class. We hope this small change will help to ease some of the congestion and parking issues at the time that families are trying to leave and adult students are trying to get to class.
As everyone has seen, the MKG Kids classes are growing, and this is awesome! We are very happy that we have new families joining us! As we still want to maintain a good instructor to student ratio, we are capping the total amount of kids per class at 16 students.
To make room for the new students we are adding another MKG Kids Class at 4:15pm on Monday and Wednesday! With this change, we are giving our current families first choice on class time of 4:15 – 5:15pm or 5:15 – 6:15pm. Your family will still be able to come any combination of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, but we are asking that you choose a time so that we will better able to add new students. There is some flexibility to switch classes but only for extraneous circumstances like doctors appointments and so on. These will be considered on an individual basis.
There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk for you to choose you class time. We will need a final decision by Wednesday, August 30th. As the new schedule will start Tuesday, September 5th. If you do not make a choice on the sign up sheet will assume that you want remain at the 5:15 pm time slot. After every testing families will be able to re-evaluate their schedule and make a change (if there is room in the other class.)
Thank you so much for your input, patience and understanding during the exciting growth of our MKG Kids Program!
If you have any questions make sure to contact us directly at

This week in class . . .

  • MKG Littles and Kids only have a few classes until our Summer Testing/Promotions. So, will be continuing to tightening up their techniques in preparation for their upcoming tests.
    • MKG Kids – Wednesday, August 23rd at 4:45 pm
    • MKG Littles – Saturday, August 26th at 9:30 am
  • Foundations and Kickboxing Essentials is moving on to week 3. So we are starting our Double Stick Abecedario and Kicking Focus.
  • MKG Phase 1 – Double Stick Drills with a mobility focus and Foot Jab Counters
  • MKG Phase 2 – Double Stick and Largo Mano Range drills and Low Line Kicking Focus
  • Its POST CAMP WEEK so who knows what will come up at in the Focus Classes. You will have to show up to find out!
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MKG Kids
Wednesday, August 23rd – 4:45pm
MKG Littles 
Saturday, August 26th – 9:30am (No MKG Kids Class)
Panantukan Level 1 
Friday, August, 25th – 6:00pm
Student Appreciation Potluck
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Coming In September! Stay tuned! More information coming this week!

Workshops and Seminars

Guro Dan Inosanto at MKG HQ Mpls

September, 23rd and 24th

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Guro Diana Rathborne at MKG Madison

October 13th and 14th

Kali / JKD Workshop
Friday, October 13th 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Women’s Self Defense Seminar
Saturday, October 14th 10:00 am – 2:30 pm
$60 (and if you bring a friend you both SAVE! Only $40 each)!!!
Registration Info to come!

If you haven’t heard we have a great offer for people try martial arts at MKG Madison at a great price.
New students (and previous students that have not train with us for over 6 month) have an opportunity to start a journey in martial arts for only $69.99! This offer includes a Free T-shirt, a Free Introductory lesson and Consultation and 3 classes a week for 6 weeks!
If anyone is looking to get into (or back into) martial arts dont miss this offer!

If you have any friends that would like to check out MKG Madison stop by the desk for an Invite-Only Card for a 1 Week Free Pass.
This can only be given by a current student to a friend that is serious about beginning their martial arts journey! If they decide to join us and enroll for classes at MKG Madison you get FREE private lessons!
We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in! As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun! Don’t miss out!
See you at the gym!
Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff
MKG International Martial Arts Madison