This Week at MKG Madison – May 1st,2017

Happy Monday


“We all have time to spend or waste.

It is our decision what to do with it.

But once it has passed, it is gone forever.”

This week at MKG Madison . . .

  • Foundations Class and Kickboxing Essentials are finishing another rotation. That 6 weeks went by fast! So we will be working Double Sinawali and Short 4 counts. If you know of anyone that is interested in learning martial arts now would be a great time to start. Stop by the front desk for a special gift for a friend!

  • The MKG Kids are starting a brand new testing block! We had a great time during Game Week, and now it is time to get back to work! This block we will be exploring a new area of our martial arts heritage, Panantukan (Filipino Boxing). It’s going to be a blast.

  • MKG Littles are also starting a new testing block. We will be exploring some new footwork this week.

  • Our Phase 1 Class is finishing up our Kob Kob and Sinawali drills and putting some “aliveness” in our Knee Reaction Drills.

  • The Phase 2 Gang will be closing out the 10 count sinawali series and Thai Boxing Partner drills.

  • And for our Focus classes, you will just have to come in to find out!


Kyle Coker passed his Jun Fan Martial Arts / JKD Concepts level 1 test!

So if you see him around make sure to congratulate him!

Upcoming Events . . .

Friday, May 12th

Rick Faye Seminar Review Workshop

6 – 8 pm

$30 (if you are were at the seminar it is FREE!)

Saturday, May 20th

Parents Night Out!  – Stranger Danger Workshop and Movie Night!

5 – 6:30 pm – Stranger Danger Workshop!

6:30 – 8 pm – Movie Night (Family Friendly Movie TBD)

The Stranger Danger Workshop is FREE to everyone (ages 7 – 13)! So invite your friends and family.

If you would like to hang out for the movie afterwards it is only $15. (Refreshments provided)

Refer – A – Friend . . .

If you have any friends that would like to check out MKG Madison stop by the desk for an Invite-Only Card for a 1 Week Free Pass. This can only be given by a current student to a friend that is serious about beginning their martial arts journey!If they decide to join us and enroll for classes at MKG Madison you get FREE private lessons!

We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in! As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun! Don’t miss out!

Haven’t been to class in a while?

What’s holding you back? We miss you! We are lookinf forward to training with again!

See you at the gym!