This week at MKG Madison May 22nd

Happy Monday


This week at MKG Madison . . .

  • In Foundations Class and Kickboxing Essentials we are in week 3.  Kyle has a great class ready for you! We are starting Double Stick Abecedario training and Thai Kicking Fundamentals. So, don’t miss it. It’s going to be great!
  • The MKG Kids are in week 4 of the new block! We have worked on Redondos. We are continuing to work on that but this week we will be working with partners. We are also working on breakfalls and takedowns. With these very fun and interactive drills, we will be emphasizing the need for respect and control!
  • MKG Littles  – Unfortunately, there will be not be a MKG Littles class this week due to Memorial Day weekend! See you on June 3rd.
  • Our Phase 1 Class will be working on Sinawali Patterns and we will be also starting on the Muay Thai 17 count. If you are new there is a fun surprise with the 17 count!
  • In Phase 2 we have been working  on Stick and Dagger drills and removing barriers with Tapi Tapi drills and then putting it on the focus mitts. It will be a great study.
  • And for our Focus classes, you will just have to come in to find out!


The Quick Hit Challenges are Back! 

How many 4 punch combinations can you do in 1 min?

There have been quite a few people that have taken on this month’s “Quick Hit Challenge”.

Remember you can retry as many times as you want!

We will have an adult and kids leaderboard. This challenge will be up until May 31st.

The person with the most combos will win a prize! Check the board for rules!


Upcoming and Past Events . . . 

Parents Night Out

We had great little group to join us for our Stranger Danger Workshop and movie night. Thank you for joining us! Keep your eyes out for the next one!


MKG Madison will be Closed!


Memorial Day Weekend Friday, May 26th – Monday, May 29th MKG Madison will be closed.

Enjoy your weekend and will see you on Tuesday the 30th


Foundations of leverage seminar with John Salter

Saturday, June 17th 12:30 – 2:30 pm

Come learn some fundamental points to add this efficient concept to your skill set. During this event we’ll examine how to your structure to its full advantage.

Beginners encouraged!

Cost $30


Madison Martial Arts Connection Seminar at Silver Lining Taekwondo in Middleton

Saturday, Jun 24th 1 – 5 pm

I am excited to be a part of this great event! There will be 4 different instructors  sharing their perspective on martial art every hour. This is unique opportunity to grow together as a martial art community regardless of style that we practice and really get to see the beauty of martial art movement!

More Information to come!

6 week Introductory Membership Offers

If you haven’t heard we have a great offer for people try martial arts at MKG Madison at a great price.

New students (and previous students that have not train with us for over 6 month) have an opportunity to start a journey in martial arts for only $69.99! This offer includes a Free T-shirt, a Free Introductory lesson and Consultation and 3 classes a week for 6 weeks!

If anyone is looking to get into (or back into) martial arts dont miss this offer!

For more information follow this link!


Refer – A – Friend . . .

If you have any friends that would like to check out MKG Madison stop by the desk for an Invite-Only Card for a 1 Week Free Pass. This can only be given by a current student to a friend that is serious about beginning their martial arts journey! If they decide to join us and enroll for classes at MKG Madison you get FREE private lessons!

We look forward to seeing you all in classes this week! So get in here and get your reps in! 

As always, we will be Training Safe, Training Hard and Having a ton of Fun! Don’t miss out!

See you at the gym! 

Josh, Ruth and the MKG Staff

MKG International Martial Arts Madison