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Free MKG Blend Essentials classes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Try one of our Blend Essentials classes for free to see what MKG Madison has to offer!

The MKG Blend Essentials class builds a foundation of techniques from Kickboxing and Kali while having fun, building confidence, and learning how to be a great training partner! This holistic approach to the arts is an important starting point for MKG Madison students.

Whether you’re new to martial arts or you’ve been practicing for years, it’s the best way to see if MKG Madison is a good fit for you.

Step 1: Sign up

  • Register for one of the free classes listed on this page.

Step 2: Come to class

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your class begins.
  • We’ll give you a quick tour of the facility and introduce you to your instructor for the day.
  • Enjoy your class!

Step 3: Learn about our membership options

  • After class, a member of our staff will check in to see how your class went.
  • We’ll give you an overview of our membership options to see if MKG Madison is a good fit for you.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
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