Being Present (Part 2)

Be Present MKG Martial Arts Class Madison WIFor the past few weeks, I have been thinking about this idea of “Being Present”. One of the things I love about training martial arts is that it forces me to be in the present. Being in the present is something that I have a hard time doing. I am always dwelling on the past, things that could have done better or things that I am proud of. Those aren’t bad things in and of themselves, but if in we live our lives in the past we will miss what is in front of us. I also seem to spend a lot of time worrying about what could happen and how things could turn out in the future. Again, these are not bad thoughts to have. We need to plan and prepare, but if we spend too much time and thought on what could happen, we can miss out on what IS happening.

Martial Arts is one of those few things in lifes that cause me to let all of that go and just be where I am. Training also gives me instant feedback. If I am in my own head thinking about something else I will get reminded by my partner via pad to the head or kick to the leg. This is one of the few times when I feel that I can be totally free from the past and the future, free to just be.

This thought of being present has grown into other areas of my life not just martial arts. It is starting to more affect how I relate to my family, friends others and how I perceive my surroundings. I will be honest; the pull from the past and the future is strong. Being present isn’t easy, but it is simple. You know that old saying, “Take some time to smell the roses.”? All that means is that we need to take the time we obsess about the past and future and focus it on present. Stop and look around! Take stock of our lives as they are and be thankful for what is happening. Simple, but not so easy.

I have been blessed to be in a position where I get see amazing moments happening every day.  Sometimes, the responsibilities of that position make it hard to see all of those amazing things. So, while I am thinking about them I want acknowledge those moments that I have been honored to witness hear at MKG Madison. These are the things that keep me motivated and excited to do what I love every day.

**I am blessed to see people change their lives by losing very impressive amount of weight on their path to being healthier and happier.

**I am witnessing shy, introverted people become the confident leaders they want to be.

**I am watching people recover from injuries and conditions that they thought they could come back from.

**I am honored be a part of young people growing and maturing into world changing young adults.

It is an honor to just be around such amazing moments. I have to remember to keep my eyes open and be present or I will miss all of these great moments in time. As always, this is more for me than it is for anyone else, but I am sure I am not alone. Don’t miss out, be present.