How to get the most out of every class (and life)

So today during daytime Phase class I was reminded of another reason why I love martial arts.

It forces you to be present, be in the moment. You get instant feedback of when you aren’t. When you are truly training in the moment there isn’t time for living in the past or looking forward to the future. It forces you to be alive and pay attention to what is going right at that very moment. If you aren’t present you will mess up the drill, get hit, hurt yourself or hurt you partner.

In life it is so easy to get distracted with the past (something we cant change) and the future (something we can’t predict). If we do either of those things, we miss what is right in front of us right now.

The thing about life in general it doesn’t necessarily give you instant feedback and you sometimes realized to late that you may have missed an opportunity to be present. This could lead to a unhealthy cycle of dwelling in the past and hoping for better in the future, but if we learn from it right away we can make sure to be alert for the next opportunity to be present.

Remember, History is dead. the Future isn’t born yet. The present is Alive! So try to live in the present! Be Alive!

(P.S. – I needed to hear this probably, more than most of you. So thank you for letting me talk to myself 🙂 )

When was the last time you realized how “being present” is SO important to living?  Respond in the comments below!