COVID Update Emergency Order #10

COVID Update – Emergency Order #10 – November 18th

Good morning gang,

Here we are again (kinda). . . 

I have had some time to look at all the information concerning Emergency Order #10. As we understand it, the order states that starting today through December 16th, it is prohibiting indoor “mass gatherings” of any size. And according to the order and the press conference that I watched, A “mass gathering” is considered to be any gathering where there is more than 1 household present. I understand that this order comes at a hard time with the holidays quickly approaching. We are all looking forward to seeing distant family and friends. I also understand that this order is in place to keep our families and friends healthy by slowing the current surge of COVID infections. So, with the health and safety of our students and their families in mind, we will be complying with the order. 

That does not mean that we are closing down! We have to keep moving. Especially now. So just like we did at the beginning of this pandemic, we will be making adjustments. So, here is what we are going to do:

In-Person Group Classes

Effective immediately, unfortunately, in-person group classes will have to be suspended until the order lifts on December 16th. Fortunately, we have been Live Streaming and recording all of the classes and this will continue. We may be looking to adjust our schedule in the near future, but for the time being, we will be maintaining all of our current classes and their times. We encourage all of the MKG Madison Family to attend our Zoom classes, watch the Facebook Live Stream, or catch up with archived class recordings on our Facebook Private Training Group Page. 

In-Person Private Lessons

After reading the order carefully, we will be able to continue offering Individual or Cohabitating/Family Private lessons. For all current and eligible MKG Madison members we will be continuing to offer 1 FREE Private Lesson each week to keep you moving! (If you are not sure you are eligible please contact us). These lessons will be with single households and a single instructor maintaining 6 feet of physical distance. With these protocols and the additional precautions in place, we feel that our students are safe and we are also complying with the current emergency order. As always, you are able to reserve your Private lessons through our website. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR LESSON

Saturday Morning MKG Littles and MKG Kids Live streams

As many of our parents have found out, online classes are difficult for kids and families. I have already talked to all of our MKG Littles families about moving our Littles to in-person family private lessons. I think this is the perfect time to start that. So, instead of doing a Zoom Class, we are going to open Saturday morning time slots for Family lessons. These will be 30 min lessons. As always, I will maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance between myself and you and your child. I will lead you in a fun and interactive class. I will be working on adding the times this afternoon. 

The Saturday morning MKG Kids Livestream will be suspended to make space for those sessions. I would also encourage all of our MKG Kids families to reserve private lesson times to keep training!

I know this is not the direction that we hoped we would be heading, but here we are. We miss you dearly. My family and I are humbled and amazed at your support. You are our family. And just like a family should, we will continue to come together to support each other and push through this.

As always if you have any questions or individual concerns please contact us. We are in this together!