MKG Madison Closing Due to Covid 19

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As much as we hate to do it, for the safety of our students and to slow the spreading of Covid 19, MKG Madison will be cancelling all group classes until Monday, March 30th (at the least).
This something that we tried to avoid by reinforcing our cleaning and disinfecting efforts but, the reality is that social distancing is the most responsible answer. It seems at this point the virus is spreading quickly and we want to do everything we can to help slow the spread to keep everyone healthy and also reduce the impact on the health care providers. 

As far as the the health impact on all of us, it appears that if the virus is contracted, people are recovering as long as they are relatively healthy and not otherwise immuno-comprimised. So, that is another reason to practice social distancing. We want to also reduce the impact on those around us.

We personally have 2 elderly family members living with us. So, we also have to be extra careful on our interactions. So, even though we seem healthy there is a possibility of unknowingly passing it to someone who many not be able to fight it off as well as us. So, better safe then sorry. I am sure everyone understands how difficult this situations. It is important that we stick together and support one another.

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We stay calm. Follow all of the necessary precautions set out by the CDC (Here is the link for that information) and . . . 


We understand how much many of you depend on our classes to have helped you stay mentally and emotionally healthy, as well as, physically healthy. It is proven the phyical activity has an undeniably positive effect on our mental state. During this time of stress and social distance, we will need all the positive mental energy we can get.

Here is a link to an article. Now that we have a little extra time to read it. 

 We want to still be here for you. Currently, here is our plan to keep you moving (and things can obviously change):

Facebook Watch Parties!

I will be recording some classes that we can participate in together. These classes will be covering our current curriculum path so that we don’t fall behind.
Our goal is that these will be shared on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. (Starting this Wednesday, March 18th)
  • MKG Kids at 5:15 pm
  • Phase 1 at 6:00 pm
  • Phase 2 at 7:00 pm
  • MKG Littles at 9:00 am (Saturdays only)

The videos will be the same for the week as we usually cover the same content in each class. I will record more for next week that will be covering the same content but from a different perspective to mix it up.

Here is a link to our Facebook Group Page

It also appears there will be opportunities to recieve video content from the MKG International Organization. More information on that coming soon.

Personal Training by Video. 

Our original intention with this was to offer in person lessons but, they may defeat the purpose of the social distancing. So, will be providing free 30 minute live video sessions using FaceTime (or any other platform that we have access to).

Starting this Thursday, March 19th

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday. (Until, classes resume)
  • 30 minute sessions every hour on the hour.
  • From 12 noon – 7 pm
  • We can work on whatever you want. As you register, add what you would like to work on the in the “Add Notes” area.
  • I will contact you to find the best method to have the lesson (FaceTime, etc.)
  • A maximum of lesson a week (we need make room for everyone)
We will contine with this plan for as long as we need to (and I am able to).


Thank you for your support!

Finally, we are so thankful for our MKG family. We also so thankful for all of the supportive messages and patience during this time. We are all in this together.

If there is anything that we can do as YOUR FAMILY please don’t hesistate to reach out. We will everything within our power to to be there for you.

So, I will see you on Wednesday, for our Facebook Watch Parties!

Until then, Train Safe, Train Hard and Have Fun!