And We’re Back . . . Well, Kinda!

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This has been a long time coming. We are excited to announce that we will be reopening MKG Madison, although on a limited basis to begin with.

As of May 26th Madison, has been in Phase 1 of the Forward Dane Phased Reopening guidelines. We have decided to wait until June 1st and make sure everything is done as well as possible!

Starting Monday, June 1st we will be slowly adding “In-Person” classes back on the schedule. We are so excited to start seeing everyone again. With that said we are going to be very deliberate as we move forward. 

Over the next week, we will be rolling out our plan to get everyone that is ready, back to classes at the gym! 

First of all, I want to share the first classes that we are making available.

So as of Monday, June 1st here are the “In-Person” classes that we are going to start with:

  • Monday – 5 pm Kickboxing Essentials
  • Tuesday – 6 pm MKG Method Phase 1
  • Wednesday – 5 pm Stick to it
  • Thursday – 6 pm MKG Method Phase 1
  • Saturday – 9 am MKG Littles
  • Saturday – 10 am MKG Kids
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Click the image for a closer look at the schedule.

I understand that this is not a “FULL” schedule. As things continue to get better we will keep adding to the schedule. If you are not ready to come back to “in person” classes, we understand. This will not affect our Zoom Schedule! All of the classes that we are currently live streaming will remain on the schedule. This will also allow you to continue taking advantage of all the MKG International live-streamed classes. 

For the time being, we are only able to offer 6 slots per class and keep proper social distancing. So, we have to ask that everyone reserves their spot through our website! So on Friday, May 29th you will be able to reserve your places in class. We are excited! 

Tomorrow, we will share some of the guidelines and precautions that we are following to keep everyone safe as we move forward! 

We look forward to it seeing you in class!